Foursquare Spiced Rum

Land: Barbados
Destilleri: Foursquare Rum Factory
Rombas: Melass
Romtyp: Smaksatt
Ålder: -
Storlek: liter
Alkoholhalt: %

Foursquare Spiced Rum is an aged rum with hints of cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg gently blended in at the distillery. The actual recipe is a family secret passed down through five generations.

· It is bottled in Hand Crafted European glass bottles with a hand dipped wax seal.

· The Rum heralds from Barbados – the island where rum was born.

· Takes advantage of the growth of the super premium segment and the growth of the flavored rum segment.

· Try it with Ginger Ale – Sugar and Spice

· Try it as a martini – with a splash of Pineapple juice, chambord and nut liqueur.

Successes To Date

· On September 3, 2003, in conjunction with Fashion week, Foursquare Spiced Rum and Doorly's XO Rum were sampled at Saks 5th Ave. Foursquare and ginger ale was a big hit with guests coming back for seconds and thirds. It was also commonly referred to as "the best kept secret on the 10th floor". Participants at this event included 19 restaurants, entertainers, authors and many celebrates.

· August 2002 - Penthouse Magazine "World's most sensual cocktail " FOURSQUARE Runner -up in the By Popular Vote category. See Recipes for this winning cocktail.

· The brand was first introduced at Yankee Spirits in Massachusetts the Saturday before Christmas 1999 – A sampling event took place and sold 30 bottles in the three hours. In Total, over 60 bottles were sold that day.

Norwalk Boat Show, 2005

Brand sponsored the Bacchus Golf Tournament.

Brand is a major sponsor of the Newport International Boat Show.

Brand sponsored a Polo Match in Chicago

Brand is featured at a golf tournament.

· Silver Medal at the 2003 San Francisco Spirits Competition · Ranked one of the top 25 spirits of 2001 (BTI, Chicago) · Bronze Medal winner in the flavored and spiced category - Rum Expo 2001 . They combined two categories and brand still won.
· The brand was ranked as the #1 Spiced Rum brand at the Rum Expo 2000. Over 160 rums worldwide participated in over five categories in February 2000.
· Silver Medal winner at the San Francisco Spirits competition in September 2000. · The brand received the Silver Medal in the rum category at the International Wines and Spirits Competition in London in 2000. · Paul Pacult recently gave Foursquare Spiced Rum three stars and said:… The initial nosing pass unearths scents from clove to nutmeg to cinnamon to honey. The second whiff focuses more on the spices than the sweetness, alluding to what one normally describes as “Holiday spices” – the penultimate sniffing adds a welcome dash of citrus rind to the aromatic mix – the final nosing pass, following a full twelve minutes of aeration, loses not one whit of potency or vibrancy and indeed seems to deepen into a round, almost biscuity fragrance… the palate is soft, smooth, spicy sweet and most inviting… the finish is sweet, yet zesty and spicy enough to be balanced and warming; a natural and completely viable marketplace rival of category leader Captain Morgan.
· FOURSQUARE SPICED RUM is available at Harrod's of London - -only exclusive brands are available for sale in that store. · Wine Enthusiast magazine has rated the brand an 87 and best buy. The article will appear on October 23, 2000.





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